1. Guess what? Heating raw milk to 180 degrees PASTEURIZES IT! LOL 30 seconds at 165 results in pasteurization. Looks like an interesting method. I keep trying stuff as my yogurt never turns out anything but runny. I like your idea of cooking it for a few minutes and will try that next time.

    • Let me know if one of the tips works for you. I had a slew of failures until this method. In my place, the variables all fall into place with this technique.

    • Hmm. Interesting question. Do you know what temperature your heated floors stay at? I imagine it depends if they can keep the jars at a relatively consistent temperature (around 110). Some people like to incubate on a heating pad with a towel or blanket wrapped around it. I would add a covering and try it out. If you try it, let me know how it goes, please!

  2. The oven mitt idea is genius! I tried and failed at making yogurt at home once, years ago, but I certainly eat enough of it to be making my own. I should give it another try, this time with oven mitts. 🙂

    • Let me know how it goes! I too failed many times until I looked at those and thoight..hmmm…they fit over mason jars. :). I like easy.

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