Homemade Dog Treats: Sweet Potato Chewies

December 14th, 2013 § 2 comments

I’d never really been a dog person…until I got a dog.

In fact if you asked me before, dogs were stinky, made me sneeze & itch and were kind of scary. I mean, they had teeth that could bite, right? Then I fell for this little rescue puppy.


As I have come to realize, puppies are wonderful for a melancholic disposition. Raising a puppy leaves you less time to ponder the frustrations around you, he will give you many an event to attend to.

Slowly but surely I am coming to grasp the dog sub-culture. I am certainly grateful for the area coffee shops that let me carry in Simba when I need a cup on our walk or people that smile when they realize he will bark at the top of his little lungs at their mammoth sled dog when we cross in the street.

Of course at 11 months, Simba needs constant entertainment (read…stuff to chew) and homemade dog treats are fun to give him. I do love these sweet potato chews, but it is fun to try to craft your own.

It really is a simple process. Take a giant organic sweet potato.


Slice it up with your biggest knife into 1/3 inch slabs.


If you have a little pup, make then 1/3 inch thick sticks or wedges.


Turn your oven to the lowest setting. I use 175° and sometimes the “warm” setting. It is quite nice that sweet potatoes are freshest in season and that season is cool. The oven makes for a nice free heater.

Here the sweet potatoes are ready to roast.

Leave them to dry for about 6 hours in the oven at 175° or 10 if you turn it to warm. I say “about” 6 hours because every oven and drying environment is different and temperature and humidity will vary which will affect your dehydrating. You want them dry but pliable. Are they stiff on the edges but bendy in the middle? Yes?


Done. I place some out in a jar and the rest in the freezer though they will last a couple weeks out. Homemade dog treats make a nice holiday gift for a pup loving friend.

Catch you on the flip side.




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§ 2 Responses to Homemade Dog Treats: Sweet Potato Chewies"

  • Sheila says:

    Simba, because even though he is tiny he acts like the king of the jungle. Do it, Debbie! I’m telling you, he changed me.

  • Debbie says:

    Oh my goodness, he is tooo cute! What is his name? I am hoping to adopt a dog next year, depending on how far into renovations we get and whether the house and garden is dog safe as a result.

    Great idea, shall make some of these for our neighbours dog and our friends dogs. That can be their Christmas presents this year.

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