Love in March + a Giveaway

March 16th, 2014 § 3 comments

To Write

From my perch the world seems awfully weird today. The brisk westerly wind wrestles with the warming rays of the late winter sun. Their battle rages around me as I sit in wait.

I savor each moment the sun’s rays body check the wind and warm my face through the large glass windows. I breathe out gingerly when they pull back leaving a soft light to rest on the screen of my computer. The wind gusts, the rays warm. Gust. Warm. The two play out their battle over the last days of winter. Soon spring will come.

In the last quiet days of winter, I seek solace in the contemplative haven that winter brings. Curling up with some new-to-me English tea w/cream, a book to nurture my newly acquired crochet skills, a spiritual reading to help navigate the heart and some delightful handcrafted torrone from Gaby et Jules that bring a delightful retreat from the noise of the modern world.

March Treats

Crochet Scarf Beginnings

There is a simplicity that March lends itself to.

Recipes begin again to find their natural ease.

Salmon is baked with just salt & pepper until just cooked through then sliced and placed in fresh corn tortillas with buttery avocado, spicy arugula & smooth sriracha mayo (click for mayo recipe).

Fish Tacos

Part of this simplicity involved getting back to the natural for me. Winter holes us up and we often seek comfort in whatever lets us be lazy and warm. Wendy’s drive-through and pre-prepared foods led the lazy for me. Shocking? Real life.

Well, learning to create my own lotion from the lovely Moirin of Bridget’s Apothecary (interview soon to come) was part of the journey back to natural simplicity.

Reading up on natural cleaning recipes that I can experiment with for spring cleaning was another. Lucky for me, I have all this wool yarn to finally make some felted dryer balls and I have piles of laundry and a perpetually icky hard water tainted shower that lends itself to needing to find some handy cleaning products. Unfortunatley. ;p

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Need a super bright spot in this post? The sweet as pie and über talented creator/researcher Heather at Mommypotamus is helping me spread the March love by allowing me to give away two copies of her book DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes so you can join me in this spring renewal. I trust her recipes implicitly as I know her research and testing is top-notch. Interested? Fill out the form below!  Good luck and happy spring-is-a-coming!

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§ 3 Responses to Love in March + a Giveaway"

  • jacquie says:

    looks like a great book

  • Deborah says:

    The salmon looks delicious! Might have to try that for lunch this week.

    Have you tried white vinegar on your hard water stains? I find it works really well for me. The water here is more rock than liquid I find… Fill a spray bottle and give the shower a mist. keep going back every few minutes and give another spray till it starts to disolve, then a light scrub with more vinegar and rinse. My shower always sparkles after doing this. You can add leom rinds to the vinegar to make it smell nicer if you really want, but I don’t bother. A paste of bi carb and vinegar applied to water stains on porcelain can sometimes shift them too.

    Best thing about the vinegar is that it can’t harm my furbabies or me!

    • Sheila says:

      Why thank you! I’m going to give the lemon rinds in vinegar a try. I saw something similar in Heather’s book. I have shied away from it since the smell of the vinegar is just so strong to me. Sparkling sounds lovely!

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