Adultwork Feedback: Staying Safe As A Professional Escort

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People who say that being a hostess or escort is one hundred percent risk-free and safe are lying to themselves and the public. It is no secret that we are now living in a society where every profession has risks and dangers – the escorting profession is one of them. 

No one is suggesting that people do not become a reputable escorts. Instead, it is important to know what individuals are up against. This way, they can be aware of when things will go wrong and learn how to handle various situations. The last thing people want to do is get into this industry and not know what to do in dangerous situations. This guide will help escorts stay safe. Listed below are things they should know.

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Escorts need to trust their gut feelings

Appearances can be pretty deceptive. In this industry, people should never assume that someone is good and judge them by the way they present themselves. For instance, a person wearing a three-piece suit could be masking a sinister and very dark demeanor. 

On the other hand, a person wearing street clothes might be harmless. Individuals planning to go into this kind of profession should always be on the lookout for existing and new customers. Always remember that if something does not feel right about a client, they have the right to void the transaction. 

General safety advice when negotiating and meeting with customers 

Whenever people speak to potential customers, they need to be assertive and confident. Before they agree to anything, escorts are in control of their services. From the get-go, they should make it perfectly clear what types of services they are willing to provide and how much they charge. 

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Most importantly, individuals need to tell their customers what they will not do. By saying their limits to their clients, they can lessen the risk of things going wrong. When it comes to negotiating on charges, do not hesitate to say no to offers. Keep a price list in mind and stick to this list. If a customer’s offer falls below the standard price, do not worry about saying no to the offer. 

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Regardless of the customer, it makes a lot of sense to carry personal safety alarm devices. Ensure that escorts keep it in easy-to-reach areas like the pocket or in the bag. Also, make sure that you will have your mobile phone at all times. Ensure that it has enough credits and make sure it is fully charged. 

Even if the mobile phone has no credit, always remember that it costs nothing to dial emergency numbers like 911. Consider putting essential numbers on speed dials like local authorities, friends, or family members. Wherever the escort work, it is crucial that they know the location of exits. It is crucial if they need to escape in emergency situations. Escorts need to focus on their client’s behavior at all times. 

They should know what they’re doing and what their hands are doing at all times. It might shock you to know that a lot of hostesses that are new to this line of work are not street-wise. They open themselves up to various dangers. Hostesses should also want to see what people say about clients. Word of mouth is a good barometer in this line of business.

Are you getting ready for work?

Before going to work, hostesses must let someone else know when they are going out and the time of their expected return. It also makes a lot of sense to agree with them who they need to contact if they do not come back on time. As we mentioned earlier, workers should take a fully charged phone. 

For example, if they get dumped by a customer, they can pay for transportation to get home. Something else workers should consider carrying with them is a simple pen and paper. These things can be pretty useful if they need to take notes about incidents that may happen when they are out working. 

Assuming they have some important details of the next potential customer, they need to check if they are on national websites like Ugly Mugs. These sites share details of individuals that have attacked hostesses. Since it is a nationwide site, it is not just for domestic escorts.