Dating sites: pros and cons of a growing phenomenon

Every day, millions of people around the world take some of their time to open their computers and visit one of the many dating sites that are raging in the huge world of the Internet. The reasons for this choice can be multiple: it ranges from the simple desire to chat with someone you don’t know in person, to the desire to find the love of their life or, for those who are fed up with a life. marital today become boring sciapa e, even the possibility of an exciting adventure. Hey, we’re not here to judge anyone, are we?

But why do people choose to search the web for a soul mate rather than leave home and hope to see the woman of their dreams maybe sitting at a club counter? However, inside a bar, the atmosphere seems to have been created especially for meetings of this kind.

A drink sipped as you pound your fingers on the counter, good light background music, spicy scents that fill your nostrils. And then there is her. Sitting not far away with a look between the dreamer and the melancholy looking for someone to talk to a few words with or, better yet, with the desire to spend a slightly different evening after a busy day at work.

But the internet has its advantages and I don’t want to demonize it as if technology and progress are an absolute evil. No. So I want to show you the pros and cons of this weird but increasingly intense mass phenomenon in an in-depth study that will explore every corner of the online dating system like

Sites of seduction: the merits

Let’s start with the strengths. Because, as mentioned above, visiting a site like this does not mean not being able to look for a woman even outside.

I start off by saying that over the past 15 years an increasing number of single men have met and found their romantic partner right on the web. The ratio is around 1 in 5 and tends to increase over time.

The people most likely to benefit from online dating are those who have the most difficulty in letting go of traditional methods such as, for example, at work, out of passion or through a friend.

In fact, dating sites like marencontrelesbienne are particularly useful for those who have recently moved to a new city and feel the lack of an established friendship network, for those with a minority sexual orientation and for those who are sufficiently engaged. in other activities. like working or taking care of potential children. Here they can find time to attend events with other singles in the area and / or not.

These are the strengths that overshadow the weaknesses of this modern way of communicating, but that doesn’t mean all is positive. We want to focus on two main weaknesses: the internal algorithms of site programs and the excessive dependence they can trigger.

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