How to understand a man from profile: the guide

Assuming the tagging isn’t pleasurable and generalizations are never made, there’s no denying that there are many men on datingappy enjoying the common characteristics and a similar way of operating. So here is a mini guide (very not serious!) On how to recognize them at a glance from the profile and decide in seconds whether you need to put your heart in or not.

The narcissist

Almost 80% of men on have a shirtless photo as their calling card. Of that 80%, the vast majority also get a plentiful dose of muscle shots, abs, flashing poses and mirror selfies with their shirts up.

The super hero

In short, it’s very dynamic! In life, he seems to have done everything already even though he’s not yet 25. He’s the type who could talk about him for hours on end, but being the yardstick and measure of universal perfection (cit. His bio), he’s also very selective. He only invites girls who hang from his lips like loyal listeners for a drink.


Once hung it is impossible to take it off … It will also be cute and probably have a good soul but has no idea what it is to trigger the attraction through cunning and mystery. He writes a lot and if you don’t respond he writes again, even several times a day. Send emoticon-only messages or embarrassing selfies to show you what he’s doing.

In the bio, he inserts all the Treccani adjectives from “flattering” to “sweet”, because he is rightly there to look for a woman to whom he can give all his anxious dedication.

Maybe he asks you for your phone number right away too, and in the meantime tries to set up a meeting with you that same evening. He suffers from haste and contagious anxiety. But be nice when you answer him, even if he’s a nuisance and you’ll never want to go out.

The controversial

Nothing is obviously good for the controversy. In his bio, he states that he is picky and then gives an overview of the things that women on mon site de rencontre gay (according to him) do, say, think, seek.

He believes he is the link between Charles Bukowsky and Rocco Siffredi. He then adds that he’s looking for something occasional (thanks for the info) and closes the description with a phrase like “if you have to do the pullers, don’t write to me”.

Ah why don’t you shoot it at all instead. Never tell her that having slept with many women has not made her understand them. Unless he wants a (very amateurish) socio-sexual lesson in what he thinks women want.

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