The 3 simple rules for a perfect first date

Falling in love comes from a spark and, if cultivated, grows and enriches itself. Love begins with a handshake which, if there is a positive feeling and interest in both parties involved, leads to an exciting and fun relationship. And if dating makes for a stronger feeling, then yes, you do fall in love.

Come to think of it, though, it all starts with the first date. The success of the first date is the pivot of a hypothetical future couple. This is why, during a first date, it is necessary to be impeccable, the clothes, the way of speaking, the place of meeting.

The paranoia of the first date

When setting up a first date like, it is normal to experience a mixture of conflicting emotions, ranging from anxiety, fear, excitement, curiosity. “What should I wear? What am I telling you? What if he doesn’t like me?”

Even though we love that person and know we probably love them too, being confused and paying attention to the little details or attitudes is essential for success. In particular, there are 3 tips to follow to make your first date a success.

Choose a quiet place

You recently met him, or at least you are dating for the first time. So do not choose conventional places or places where you cannot converse.

A candlelight dinner in a good restaurant is certainly a romantic choice, but it might scare the other person or embarrass them. On the other hand, you do not celebrate any anniversary and you are not a real couple. You have to get to know yourself in a dynamic yet intimate environment.

So also avoid the cinema or the museum, where you could surely show off your film culture or artistic talents, but there would be no chance to speak or, worse yet, make your partner laugh.

Meeting in a relaxed environment, maybe just opened, giving you a better chance to get to know each other with peace and sympathy. A nice and special place will put you both at ease. So you can chat, and if something goes wrong, the coffee or drink will be finished in no time.

It is also true that, in order to impress, you have to be original, but the cooking class or extreme sport leaves them for the second date. The first meeting is based on openness, on discovery, on showing oneself naturally, without needing the other distracted with the most varied activities.

Wear natural

The second sore point is how to dress. Whether you are a man or a woman, the problem does not change. At least once in their life, someone, after jumping for joy at an affirmative response on a first date, opened the closet and said to themselves, “Well, what should I wear now? ? “.

The answer, while it may seem trivial, is simple: wear something that you meet comfortable with and be proud and smiley.

Don’t go overboard with elegance, don’t come across as flashy. Take care of the accessories, whether it’s a pretty pair of earrings, chic sunglasses or a pretty watch, pairing them with a casual look with character.

If you had to risk styling changes, you don’t. Instead, bring out your strengths and wear colors that look good on you.

Finally, avoid presenting yourself in clothes that are too sensual or extravagant. The partner will need to focus on your personality.

Openness and friendliness

After striking the eye of the partner, we move on to the most delicate phase, which is how to behave during the date. First of all, try to act politely and cordially. Kindness is a great vehicle for presentation and allows everyone to feel appreciated and respected.

Two things, it is important to be open and not to start with prejudices. Taking an interest in the other person, not looking at the cell phone or being distracted by looking around, asking questions, respecting speaking turns without being chatty or too silent, will ensure perfect balance and an equal exchange of opinions .

The conversation should be pleasant. Therefore, avoid heavy arguments, find previous stories, personal problems or gossip. But above all, always be positive towards the world, without criticizing anything, in order to reduce possible blunders.

Be yourself, but don’t overdo it. Talk about your interests, what you like and what you don’t like, but rank the parts of your character that could make a bad first impression and end the date. Join

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