what to ask when organising a bucks party

VIP packages: what to ask when organising a bucks party

The bucks party is the sendoff that has to be massive. It’s the night when familiar and some-less familiar faces get together and celebrate their mate who is tying the knot. Therefore, tradition stipulates that it has to be a big one, complete with bevs, babes and a little rambunctious enjoyment! From the prelude, where you might head out for a spot of go-karting or paintballing, through to the afternoon bevs, all the way through to the raucous evening of bawdy entertainment, this must be a memorable occasion as it might only happen once in your mate’s life. If you have been tasked with organising his bucks then you’re probably wondering how to go about organising the naughty part of the night, you know, the strippers? But if you’ve never organised such a thing before (which is typically the case) then you’ll probably be wondering how to go about doing it. Well, it all boils down to asking the best mens club Sydney has a few simple questions on how to ensure you get the perfect package:

What packages do you offer?

The best strippers will offer VIP packages that are tailor-made for these special send offs. This will include everything you can expect: drinks and super hot babes ready to provide a wild night’s entertainment for the groom-to-be and his mates. But to ensure you get the best package for your party, you have to ask the question, “what packages do you offer?” as, after all, they can be tailored to your exact specifications, ensuring the numbers are perfect, the drinks are flowing and the babes are plentiful and ready to provide for your requests.

Are there specific times we need?

As this is a package that will require the dancers and bartenders to be ready at a specific time, it’s important that you organise the event in a way in which you and the crew can arrive and enjoy the full experience! So, the next thing you need to ask is, “are there specific times to use the package, and when can we host our specific party?” This way you can be sure that you will receive optimal value for your request.

What are our dancer options?

You may be able to request specific options when it comes to dancers. This may include requesting more than one dancer or asking for specific requests to really invigorate the evening’s entertainment. So, don’t be afraid to ask what your VIP package can provide for you and the crew on this most auspicious of occasions. You might just find out there is a little something extra to bring the fun even more…

How do we go about payment?

Naturally, payment must be made before the big event. This can be awkward for the organiser, especially if they have to chase up payment from some bloke they’ve never met before! But, of course, it’s just part of the scenario that is creating the ultimate bucks experience for your best mate.

Will it be in a private room?

Obviously, you would hope such an occasion would be in a private room, providing a space for you, the groom-to-be and the crew to really let loose and enjoy a stellar evening. You don’t want to be stuck out in the main room with the regular punters, so be sure you ask your prospective entertainment provider about where, exactly, the night’s entertainment will take place…