4 Tips For Buying Safer & More Discreet Sex Toys In Singapore

In a sex-positive world where using sex toys has lost much of its stigma, it can still be trouble finding sex toys in most online stores. Whether you’re looking for a cock-ring or a decent dildo in Singapore, the increasing success and popularity of sex toys have spawned plenty of sellers. Nonetheless many are still after the most discreet item they can add to the cart rather than the explicit erotic merch.

With a variety of adult playthings, many tend to ship their products more safely and discreetly—not because of any shame in making a purchase. Some people prefer things that way. So if you are thinking about shopping one from many great websites that offer quality sex toys, here are a few tips you can consider:

1. Determine discreet shipping policies

Even the most open-minded person doesn’t want their package with a waving something tied to the word ‘sex toy’ in large fonts at their doorstep. We all desire to have confidence in the shipping procedure of the playthings we buy, whether it’s for women or a sex toy for men. Some stores can be discreet in their shipping from beginning to end, presenting them as cosmetic items or health products. When shopping for sex toys online, check their shipping policies and FAQ first.

2. Check for the materials before making a purchase

Another thing you should consider keeping in mind is about the materials to avoid when buying sex toys. Since you will use them inside sensitive areas of the body, it’s vital that you check for materials that have the potential to be ‘toxic’ and unhealthy for your body. While sex toys are abundant, there are still no policies made about chemicals and materials in sex toys. Hence, it’s vital that you should also be safe when buying one for yourself or for your partner.

3. Check the store’s review

Reading reviews from previous customers can be a gateway to learning more about the experience from their own perspective. When buying sex toys in Singapore, learning a thing or two about how a store provides an experience, including their service and shipping, will be helpful throughout your purchase journey. After all, you need to be confident with the store before you start spending your money.

4. Find safe online stores

Apart from being trustworthy and reliable, you also need to pick the right online store that sells safe, non-toxic sex toys. Fortunately, with the help of online research, you can find well-known and emerging online stores that offer more discreet and safer sex toy items.

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