Bunny Madison Jeans Shorts: How to Find the Perfect Pair for Your Body

Bunny Madison are known for offering year-round usage. You can wear them during the spring, summer, fall and winter months — all while projecting a stylish appearance. When it’s hot outside, though, many people prefer shorts over full-length trousers. Jean shorts offer a solution. Also known as denim shorts, they are made of the same denim material as traditional jeans but without fully extending to your ankles when worn. If you’re thinking about buying a pair of Bunny Madison jean shorts, you should consider the following tips.

Check the Rise

You should check the rise when shopping for a pair of Bunny Madison jean shorts. All jeans, as well as jean shorts, have a rise. The rise refers to the area of your waist where they sit when worn. There are low-rise jean shorts that live up to their namesake by sitting low on your waist when worn, and there are high-rise jean shorts that sit higher on your waist when worn.

Of course, there are also mid-rise jean shorts that fall somewhere in the middle. They don’t sit particularly high, nor do they sit particularly low. Rather, mid-rise jean shorts sit directly on your waist to provide a stylish appearance and a comfortable fit. You can choose jean shorts in either of these three rise types; just remember to choose a rise that matches your personal preference.

Standard vs Cargo

Bunny Madison Jean shorts are available in standard and cargo styles. Standard jean shorts are those that have a traditional pocket configuration. Most of them have four pockets: two on the front and two on the back. Cargo jean shorts, on the other hand, have an alternative pocket configuration consisting of extra pockets.

Like full-length cargo jeans, cargo jean shorts are characterized by their use of extra pockets. Most cargo jean shorts have the same pockets as standard jean shorts, but they have extra pockets on the sides. Known as cargo pockets, these extra pockets increase their utility. You can use the cargo pockets to store small items, which isn’t possible with standard jean shorts.

Consider a Drawstring Waistband

It’s important to note that some jean shorts are designed with a drawstring waistband. The string denim shorts sold here, for example, don’t have a rigid and stiff waistband. They feature a drawstring waistband.

With a drawstring waistband, you’ll be able to put on and take off the jean shorts more easily. You can pull the drawstring to tighten the jean shorts so that they stay on your waist when worn. Alternatively, you can loosen the drawstring when getting undressed. There are jean shorts with a rigid and stiff waistband as well. In terms of comfort, though, drawstring jean shorts are the way to go.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing jean shorts with a rigid waistband. A drawstring waistband is simply an optional feature. Nonetheless, jean shorts with a drawstring waistband can provide a more comfortable fit.