How to Be Better in Bed for Guys: Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Losing an erection when having sex could be a worrying, stressful experience. Nevertheless, it is also a relatively normal one. Almost all men would experience it eventually in their life, and it is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of.

Various reasons could make you lose your erection during intercourse, from alcohol consumption to sexual performance tension. We have listed these reasons better detailed below, and your choices for treating inconsistent or weak erections and boosting the sexual performance.

What Causes You to Lose Your Erection?

Failing to have an erection when having sex is a common indication of ED or erectile dysfunction.

Many associate erectile dysfunctions with guys who are completely unable to have an erection, even when aroused. ED could differ in severity. While those with severe erectile dysfunction might not have an erection at all, it is also very common to have and lose it.

Akin to more severe ED forms, losing an erection during intercourse could happen for numerous physical and psychological reasons.

Psychological reasons include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and stress. For younger guys, it is pretty common to get sexual performance anxiety — an anxiety type that could make you feel uneasy and during sex — to affect your erections.

Numerous treatment options are accessible to assist you in maintaining your erection when having sex, ranging from medication to lifestyle changes. Nevertheless, even if your actions to deal with ED are unsuccessful, both of you could still enjoy a satisfying sexual life and physical intimacy. If you want to know how to be better in bed for guys, learn a few techniques to keep your relationship alive.

Communication is Key

The most vital tool for a fulfilling sexual life is communication, particularly when dealing with ED or other problems.

Discuss your fears and desires openly. If you have low libido or ED, your lover might worry about not finding them attractive anymore. They might think they are doing something undesirable or wrong. It is vital to stay supportive and reassure one another,

Do not be afraid to ask for assistance. A sex therapist can assist you, and your spouse resolve challenges and improving your sexual life.

Try to Relax

Anxiety is one of the leading causes of ED. In certain circumstances, it may be more important than physiological issues. You will probably enjoy yourself less in bed if you’re scared you can’t perform or enjoy yourself. It’s a vicious circle that keeps repeating itself.

When you are getting hot with your lover, try not to think about your ED. Rather, make the most of the time you got together. Deep breathing exercises might assist you in unwinding. Massage techniques can also provide you with simple relaxation and relaxation. You’ll be better prepared for a pleasurable and stress-free sexual session if you’re calm.

Rediscover Each Other

Do you recall how exhilarating every touch you and your lover shared when you first began dating? Do you recall how much fun it was to learn about each other’s tastes and preferences?

Relive that time with your partner. Kiss, laugh and try new things. Take your attention away from the time and enjoy the time with each other. If you need to perform more stroking and caressing to get arousal, that’s fine. You could even like the extra foreplay and see yourself being more in sync with your spouse than ever before.

Get Playful with Your Partner

You could be able to climax even if you can’t keep a strong erection. You and your lover may offer each other a lot of sexual pleasure even if you don’t have any intercourse. All you need is a bit of imagination.

Mutual masturbation might assist you and your lover figures out what you love doing together. You may also excite each other using sex gadgets like vibrators. Both oral and manual stimulation may be a lot of fun and provide a lot of satisfaction.