How To Build Sexual Tension In Chatroom With A Girl?

There are some specific texts a guy can send to trigger sexual tension and increase attraction. Flingster is an adult chatroom where people can enjoy freechat roleplay sessions with strangers anonymously. 

Sexual tension is the opposite of attraction and magnetism. It means when a girl is attracted to a guy without any kind of action then tension is created. You may be hinting at magnetism but not obviously. It means you tease her and she gets excited and can jump to hug or kiss you. 

There have to be some attractions between the two. If she is not attracted then you cannot build sexual tension. If she has a little attraction then sexual tension can amplify it. Boys are vulnerable and pounce on sex topics. They go fast and murder the sexual tension.

Tips to build sexual tension with text

Tease her with naughty texts even if she is a stranger and you are in an anonymous chat room. 

  • Guy – ‘Hmm, I am hungry and about to make pancakes. Hot warm syrup flowing all around!!!!’
  • Girl – ‘mmm Yum’.
  • Guy – ‘Something juicy to munch at night’.
  • Girl – ‘You are a teaser, hahaha’.
  • Guy – ‘You like to picture me biting gently on a juicy pancake with syrup flowing out from my mouth’
  • Girl – ‘Smiley ….You are too much!’

Here the boy just teased her without taking her out to eat. Here just discussing pancake eating is used to create massive tension. 

Use phrases with double meanings, where you can say ambiguous things and deny them playfully later on. For example, 

  • Ride it [a car]
  • Getting wet [it’s raining]
  • Come down here [a location]

These phrases have a double meaning. You can toss innuendo as bait to find out if the girl you are talking to is on a free adult roleplay chat platform, Flingster. If she plays along then the thing is ON.