How to Meet Older Women Online on Only Cougars?

If you wish to meet older women online, you should understand a few things before making up your mind. Of course, it requires plenty of practice and courage to approach older women in public areas such as bars, gyms, and malls. 

However, if you do not know how to meet an older women outside, social networking and online dating apps are perfect options for your needs. You can check out the Only Cougars review to determine the best place to find older women with ease. 

You can find numerous dating apps and social media platforms where it is simple to meet older women, especially those looking for younger men. 

Why Do Cougars Like Younger Men?

We can differentiate numerous reasons why older women prefer to date younger guys, including:

  • They wish to change things and try dating someone younger to get what they desire
  • To boost their confidences
  • Some of them prefer guys with less experience, since then they will be alpha in the relationship
  • Young guys are more adventurous, energetic, and open-minded
  • Some older women have a fetish for young men

Tips for Meeting Cougars Online

  1. Decide the Type of Cougar You Wish to Date

You probably did not know that we can differentiate two types of cougars, including alpha and beta. An average alpha is a classy, sophisticated, and street-smart woman. She is ambitious, intelligent, has a perfect career, and does not need a man. 

As a result, she is aware of her dominance and sexuality, meaning you should be a beta male to ensure she enjoys your company. They are also highly confident, telling cheesy starting lines will not work. 

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Most young guys find them intimidating, but some consider them a challenge. If you are an experienced, younger men, you can give her exactly what she needs and wants.

On the other hand, beta cougars are the opposite. They are feminine and aware of that, but they are not as dependent and empowered as alphas. As a result, they need physical and emotional validation from young guys, which allows them to feel better and gain confidence. 

They know that years pass, meaning young blood can help her stay young in spirit, which is vital to remember. She is looking for an alpha male who will impress her with virility and confidence while taking charge.

  1. You Need to Chase Them

You probably cannot imagine a fifty-year-old woman chasing a twenty-year-old student. It goes in the opposite direction, meaning they are experienced, mature, and have self-respect. Therefore, they will not chase anyone, meaning you must be an initiator and person who stands in front of others. 

Some guys use this particular approach daily. They are at the peak of power, and the chase is part of the thrill of meeting someone new. Generally, the hunt can be more interesting than the catch itself. 

However, others do not know how to do it, meaning they must learn how to become more assertive. Keep in mind that a cougar will not chase you if you do not text for a few days. It is a waste of time, meaning they wish men to put any effort in. What they like about young guys is the energy and ability to chase without any additional hassle.

  1. Avoid Messing Around

You probably remember the moments when you ditched a date with a specific girl in the past or rearranged it because something happened in the meantime. Maybe you heard somewhere that girls like men who are hard to get. However, the same philosophy does not apply to cougars. 

They are different, and you need to treat them accordingly. You should consider them as Rolls Royse of the dating world, meaning you should not keep them waiting. If you cannot make a date, they are less likely to give you a second chance.

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It is vital to be as serious as possible about dating cougars because they should be your priority and not get stoned with your friends instead. They are experienced and had their difficulties, meaning you should not take them down with you. Instead, be honest and tell them you are not up to a challenge.