Night Clubs in Sydney

Sydney is a great place for nightlife. It has many bars, clubs and pubs to choose from that are located in the CBD or nearby suburbs of Newtown and Bondi Junction. There’s something for everyone from large venues with live music to small pubs where you can enjoy a quiet drink during the weekdays.

Some of the best nighclubs can be seen below

Best Clubs in Sydney

The Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel is a very popular club in Sydney. It has been around for over half a century and features different types of music depending on the night you choose to go out at. There are two separate bars inside that give it plenty of space to accommodate large crowds during peak hours, plus there’s also a beer garden where people can relax outside.

The Ivy

For those who like to dance, the best place is The Ivy which has an amazing sound system and DJ booth that are housed in a building with two levels of pure entertainment for everyone present. There’s also plenty of space indoors if it gets too crowded or you want some fresh air away from the smoke filled atmosphere that comes with an abundance of people.

The Arthouse Hotel

One other place to check out is The Arthouse Hotel which has a rooftop bar and dance floor where you can enjoy the view while dancing away, plus it also plays different types of music depending on what night you attend. It’s not too far from the CBD and can be a great place to go out for those who want something just as busy but also have the option of being outside.

Sydney Night Clubs

As you may have seen from some of our suggestions, there are many different types of night clubs in Sydney. There’s everything from small venues with minimal lighting and drinks that you can order at the bar to larger establishments with multiple bars and dance floors where people line up for an hour just to get in. The best way is always word of mouth or simply searching online what events each venue has coming up as they change them on a weekly basis depending on who’s playing which night.


If you enjoy going to a place that’s always busy, then Gorosaurus is the best option. It has an amazing sound system plus it also plays different types of music which makes it ideal for those who want something more energetic and loud while they dance away their problems or just simply let loose on the dance floor. As with most of the others, it’s also very popular as you will need to line up for an hour or more just to get inside.


is another popular night club in Sydney. It has two different dance floors, one of which plays EDM while the other specializes in hip-hop and R&B for those who like to keep it more traditional with their music choices. The drinks are also discounted during happy hour, making it a great place to go if you don’t mind waiting in line for a little while.

The Steyne Hotel

As this is a popular place to go, it’s best if you get there early and go before ten o’clock so that the line isn’t too out of control. The music mostly consists of rock and disco but can also be changed at times depending on what night you decide to attend.

Great Gatsby

Another great place is The Great Gatsby, which has a large dance floor that plays different types of music depending on the night. It’s also plenty loud so you can sing along with your friends while dancing away all of your problems if anything is ever bothering you. There are two bars in this establishment but it does get very crowded so there is usually a long line of people waiting outside to gain entry.

Enjoy one final sentence about the blog post topic. A great way to find out what clubs you enjoy would be to simply look online and see which ones are popular or read reviews from those who have been before as it will allow you decide whether they’re the right type of place for you.

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