Phrases to win a girl. Secrets of Conversation Management Revealed

Are there really phrases for having a girl? Wandering the net and the sites that talk about seduction techniques and secrets to seducing the woman of your dreams, it seems that the right sentence is enough for the road to be paved to the bedroom.

The reality is a little different and the phrases for having a girl do not exist. Maybe there are some words that are pronounced correctly and at the right time that allow you to make a good impression and catch the attention of the beauty on duty, but if you don’t know how to move forward and close the approach , you will hardly get something well chosen.

I understand that believing that there are pre-made, ready-made sentences can decrease your anxiety when taking charge and give you a bit of courage to move on, but rather than false help, I prefer to give you tips that are really applicable and work.

When you’re in front of a girl, maybe sitting across from each other around a table in a restaurant, and maybe on a first date, it’s important to understand how to handle the conversation and to know how and what to talk about rather than having in your pocket a few sentences with effect which, often and deliberately, do not have the desired effect.

Let’s put aside the phrases to conquer a girl.

Considering that we really want to learn how to seduce a woman, let’s put aside the pre-cooked food (i.e. phrases for winning over a girl) and learn how to best manage a conversation.

You will surely envy your friends who, who are in the company of a girl, are never silent and have a thousand things to say and to tell. Let’s try to understand their secrets and how to become a perfect seducer.

The first secret is to have lots of conversation like unerencontreserieuse topics to talk about, that way you will be an interesting person and avoid those awkward silences that often fall when you are alone with a girl. Of course, to have so much to tell, you have to read, get informed, watch the most disparate programs on television, have many interests and be so curious. That way, over time, you will have a wealth of knowledge that requires you to conduct any type of conversation and naturally come out of any incident (boring conversation, embarrassing or unpleasant topics, silences).

The second secret is to be able to talk a lot without getting tired in lesrencontresseniors. There are people who manage to speak quietly for hours while others, after a few minutes, get tired and shut up. Even the “cat” must be trained like any other discipline.

For this reason, each day pick a random topic, maybe something you just read, and tell an imaginary friend. Try to be interesting and share your feelings and thoughts to involve her in your story. At first you will feel like a jerk not to talk to anything, but gradually you will find it natural to talk and marvel at how much fun it is to be chatty.