Safety precautions while using online dating platforms  

Online dating is getting increasingly popular among the youngster because it not only helps in keeping their identity hidden but also allows them to find the match according to their needs and preferences. The best thing about online dating is it offers numerous options to the person regardless of gender. No doubt you can find a number of online date apps online, but the thing is whether it is genuine or not. Some people fail to identify such factors and put themselves in danger. If you are also using any online platform no matter it is cityxguide app or any other, here are some safety precautions that you should follow.

Don’t share your number without trust 

You will find many people on online dating platform who will ask you to share your phone number or other contact detail. But you should never give you phone number to them no matter from how long you are chatting. In case you want to talk to the person, you can use various online calling platforms for talking or video call which ever you thik is safe.  

Don’t share your photos 

Never ever share your picture no matter it is personal or normal. It is because if you share your photo with them they will demand for something which could be impossible for you to give. They can also post your personal pictures on adult websites to blackmail you. 

Always meet on public place 

If you are meeting a person who you are dating since a long time, always choose a public place to meet. Don’t get trapped and go to their decided location or hotel rooms. Public places like parks, restaurants, café are the best option to meet your partner for the first time.  You will feel safe as well as confident in public.