Satisfyer – Offering Satisfaction Guaranteed for Women

Ever heard of suction toys? Within the last few years, Satisfyer made a big wave to the sex toy scene as it introduces its products. This brand takes pride in the aesthetic and functionality of its sex toys and satisfied millions of women around the world.

Women need a good vibrator for internal or external stimulation. It’s worth noting that 7 out of 10 women need clitoral stimulation for orgasm. meaning for these people, it might be worth investing in a premium pleasure toy from the Satisfyer range.

Their Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is an updated version of the previous Pro 2 model, and, like its predecessor, there are not any fancy embellishments or unnecessary accessories. It’s just a sleek, minimal toy that’s comprised entirely of a handle topped with a touch silicone nozzle. To stay things even more simple, this toy only comes in one colour — a kind of champagne-bronze that’s refreshingly gender-neutral. 

In terms of design, this Next Generation version includes another button to scale back the intensity. Satisfyer packaging is simple and clean – a cardboard box with a facsimile of the merchandise on the front, with the toy itself, nestled during a plastic tray inside. All you get is that the toy, a magnetic USB charging cable, and therefore the manual. 

This another flagship made waves, and here’s why. The Satisfyer range works on air pulses to make a kind of fluttering feeling that mimics suction quite actually creating it, including some vibrations. The background sound may be a bit dramatic though – on the lower levels there is a very soft hum. Tip: Just turn on the music and who knows, it might set you in the mood even more.

If you think that you can’t get any satisfaction, re-evaluate. You’ll be surprised that its refined rose-gold curves and skin-friendly silicone head can pack a punch. allow us to count the ways⁠— 110 possibilities, to be exact! 

Take your sweet time, darling, especially once you take a shower. This device is 100% submersible, so it can stay bubbly with you within the tub without getting damaged. Plus, it’s whisper-quiet to assist keep your little secret!

Need juice for an additional round? No worries. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is integrated with lithium batteries, and you’ll only need to connect it with its USB magnetic charger to urge some.

Don’t forget to lube it up. Lubricants are optional for vaginal stimulation, but using it might definitely reduce friction and bring a smoother, more sensual experience overall.

Satisfyer Pro vibrator delivers some really long-lasting, extended orgasms that feel very different from the sensations created via vibration. If you’re looking to try something new, their Pro 2 and Next-Generation are really the bomb in their sex toys lineup. This is an investment and a great addition to your collection.

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