Should the maid of honour hire a male stripper for the hen’s night?  

Being chosen as the maid of honour is an amazing privilege granted only to the most trusted friend and confidante of the bride-to-be. But being the lucky lady’s partner in crime comes with its own set of pressures and responsibilities, including the task of planning her last night of freedom before she settles down with her one and only.

There are many ingredients that go into cooking up the perfect hen’s night, but there’s one question in particular that’s hard to ignore: should you hire a male stripper in Brisbane for the hen’s do? Here are a few important things to think about when making your decision.

The bride always comes first

You want everyone to have a great time, but your biggest priority is making sure the bride has the time of her life – everything else is secondary. If you think she’ll have an absolute blast getting up close and personal with some man candy but are worried how it will go down with that stuck-up auntie you’ve been forced to invite, put the hen’s needs above all else. After all, it’s her night!

Do you want it to be good or unforgettable?

Too many maids of honour take the easy way out and just hit some bars for a hen’s night. Sure, it’s a safe option, but it’s also a quick way to ensure the outing is just like everyone else’s. A hen’s do should be one of a kind, not tedious and unoriginal. The whole point of the celebration is to make it special for the bride, and the secret to achieving that is by being adventurous and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Hiring a stripper is an easy way to add a bit of flavour to proceedings and create memories you can laugh about for years to come.

It doesn’t need to be all or nothing

If you’re set on spicing things up but can’t see yourself booking a provocative lap dance for the hen, why not settle for something in between? Some maids of honour take a more cautious approach by opting for topless waiters, giving everyone the chance to perve on some rippling muscles while keeping things PG-rated – perfect for more conservative groups.

Even if you do choose to hire a male stripper from one of Brisbane’s renowned agencies, it’s totally up to you how wild things get: you can always ask them to keep things relatively tame if you need things to remain relatively sensible. You can also give the dancer specific instructions, such as to focus more on the group than the bride herself, or to avoid interacting with a particular person.

Let the hen lay down some ground rules

Keeping your plans a surprise is a great way to build the hen’s anticipation, but it doesn’t hurt to give her the chance to share her wishes before you start booking. To avoid asking anything outright or giving away your ideas, simply ask her if there’s anything she would like you to include or avoid without compromise.