So What Kind of Guys Hang Out at Local Fuck Websites?

Okay, I know that you’re not gay, okay? Let’s just get that out of the way. The reason why I’m going to catalog some of the guys that hang out at fuck action websites like and local fuck for free websites is because I want you to get a competitive advantage.

My favorite military strategist is the ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu, if you were going to sum up his master opus, The Art of War, basically says you don’t fight a battle you know you’re going to lose.

And unfortunately, this is exactly how most guys fight their local battles. They go into a local fuck site with no fucking clue and they expect they would make out like Snoop Doggy Dog. You know, the ultimate pimp. Chicks fucking hanging on your shoulders, chicks crawling out of your pockets, and things would be great.

Absolutely wrong. They go in there, jump in with both feet, and they proceed to get slaughtered. Not just once, not just twice, but again and again and again. It’s sad. In fact, it’s pathetic. And if I’m being really honest here, it’s quite laughable because they violated the number one rule of Sun Tzu. Be prepared.

So as part of your preparation, here’s my donation to the universal cause of helping guys getting more local fuck action. Here’s a quick catalog of the other guys that you’re going to be competing with.

#1. Mama’s Boy

Mama’s boys are guys that have been conditioned from day one that they are shit by their moms. Seriously.

Usually, when you think about mama’s boys, you think about somebody who’s pampered. Well, this is the complete opposite. They did not like their mom’s lives, they did not like the guidance they got from their moms, so this warped them.

A lot of these guys are sexists. A lot of these guys think that women are shit, but they’re still addicted to pussy. And this conflict is what makes them so bitter. It is what makes them so toxic.

Be on the lookout for mama’s boy types because if there are too many of them in a website, you need to get the fuck away because these dudes definitely spoil the game. They drive chicks away and it makes it all that much statistically harder for you to get laid.

#2. The Preppy

The preppy is the guy who thinks that he’s entitled to pussy. Maybe he comes from  money. Maybe he comes from a background that prides itself in success. Whatever the case may be, this is a very proud person.

This person is so proud that he’s very easy to discourage because if he feels that he is in some way, shape or form being disrespected or otherwise not being given the respect or appreciation that he feels he deserves, he turns the other way.

In this situation, look for dating sites that are filled with preppies. The more preppies you see at local fuck sites, the better because these guys are easy to discourage. This means more pussy for you.

Think about it. Put one and one together. Connect the dots because statistically, they may fill out a website, but if all of them react the same way and stop trying, this means that there’s a lot of women that are not getting the attention that they need. And that’s where you come in.

So look for these two and know what to do and you’ll be good to go.