You’ve Booked An Escort Girl, Now What?

Send Her a Message Before Meeting

A friendly message telling her you are looking forward to your session together is a perfect way to make a good first impression. Don’t make it lengthy, but a quick “Hi gorgeous. I’m looking forward to meeting you tonight. Can’t wait!” is the perfect way to make her smile and think you are a real gentleman.  Silvana from xxx escort Amsterdam talks more in-depth about this, and expresses how this doesn’t only build trust, but also gives her the opportunity to reply back with questions.  She also adds “I´m also much more inclined to dress that extra sexy, knowing the guy is definitely coming”!

Always Arrive on Time

A tardy client never looks good. Be sure to know where the destination before leaving the house. It is vital to show up on schedule and even a few minutes earlier! Understand, if it is a 10 o’clock session and you come at 10:30, then you only have 30 minutes remaining. Escorts run a business and need things to start on schedule. That said, if customers are going to be behind time and have the phone number or email of the companion they are seeing, be sure to let her know. Even if she is upset, it is better to contact her instead of letting her assume you are not showing up.

Don’t Arrive Drunk or High

While it is obvious, some individuals need to be reminded to not show up drunk or high. If a customer decides to, an escort has every right to instantly cancel the appointment and block the customer from future bookings. Drunk or high clients waste their own time and the escorts.

Arrive Clean

Shower? Shave? Apply cologne? Brush teeth? Check, check, check! These are basic hygiene routines that should carefully be followed just before meeting with an escort. Think about it, would customers want their escort smelling bad with teeth that haven’t been brushed? Probably not. It takes only 10 minutes to clean oneself and spend some time grooming beards or hair.

Inquire About Payment Beforehand

Professional escorts let you know their cost and preferred method of payment prior to your session. It is most important to pay the girl the exact amount and method of payment to ensure you stay in their good books. Clients should also never leave it for the escort to ask them for money, this is something you should already be on top of handing over to her. If customers are providing cash, it is polite to tuck it in an envelope and leave it where she asks you to. Do not count money in front of the girl, always count it beforehand! If the escort counts it in front of a client, clients should not mistake this gesture as offensive. The escort has every right to ensure they are receiving complete cash before providing any sexual service.

Let Her Know if You Are Nervous

It is completely fine to be nervous. Actually, it lets escorts know that clients are human and are excited! Letting the escort know about nervousness is important so she won’t mistake nerves for something else, like rudeness or tenseness. Most escorts more than happy to help customers loosen up by giving a massage, chatting, and even making tea or coffee. On a side note, remember that escorts get nervous too.

Don’t Be Aggressive

Greeting the escort with a friendly hug, handshake, or kiss on the cheek is important. Clients need to be mindful to never grab an escort in any way or force themselves on her. It may be effective to take the first couple of minutes to get settled and speak with her. An aggressive client never looks good and can panic her. Furthermore, a client who acts superior or treats the girl like she is waste or inferior, has a good chance of being black listed.

Don’t Try and Put on an Air

It is natural for clients to want to arrive looking their very best and like they have a terrific job, lots of money, and have tons of sex on a daily basis. Nonetheless, it is important to keep things genuine with any escort from Amsterdam. This means, don’t lie about things that can easily be discovered, such as one’s sex game or the money in one’s bank account. An escort will very easily be able to tell by the tips a client presents her if he or she has the kind of cash they pretend to flaunt. Moreover, an escort wil be able to tell who is a natural or frequent go-er of sex. Whilst it is cute or helpful to fake-it-to-you-make-it, clients need to always remember that they should never be someone they are not. Being straightforward and honest with a prostitute is the best thing to be.

Be on Your Best Behaviour

That’s correct, just like grandma always said! One should not curl up in the corner and wait for her to make all the move, but it is key to enter the room just like a gentleman does with his head up high and an inviting presence. Prostitutes have met more people than you can think of, so creating an amazing first impression is key. Usually, an escort will greet the client, go over their rules, and then inquire them what they would prefer to do. At this moment, customers need to express their wishes for the session and be upfront and clear about them. Call girls are not there to mock or laugh at customers, they want to please. That is precisely why customers should never be afraid to speak out about what they wish to do with the escort.

An escort will question a customer to get comfy, which means she is initiating sex. At this point, customers may start to undress or engage in foreplay with the her. As a rule, an escort will lead or ask the man or woman to. Escorts will do anything the customer requests and what the they are comfortable with. This is why it is vital for clients to find prostitutes who are keen to offer services they want. Not every girl is interested in providing golden shower experiences or anal sex. Because of this, customers should never suppose an escort will do something on the spot; sexual services need to be talked about prior to meeting. Some escort girls become upset if they are urged to do something out of their comfort zone. This just reiterates the importance of why clients need to establish strong and positive communication between each other.

Leave a Generous Tip

Leaving a tip is the most suitable way to let an escort see a customer appreciated her services. Clients should only do this if they are indulged with the session and are leaving content. Regardless of whether a tip is 10 dollars or 100 dollars, a tip is always welcomed by the escort. A tip says that you value her service and thought she did especially well. That being said, if clients’ money do not allow you to leave a tip, they can choose to let her know or simply don’t bring it up.

Write an Honest Review

After clients get home from their time with an escort, it is useful to leave a honest and detailed review. Other clients will want to know if the pictures matched the girl, what her personality is like, the experience, and any other details that are important for them to know. Even if writing is not a customer’s thing, it is important to remember that the client is doing this for other customers’ sake. This is especially necessary if the prostitue was a scam or was not who she said she was in the pictures. While it sucks that the first client had to discover this, at least others won’t waste their time. Write the review for the other potential customers so that they know what to expect. Additionally, great reviews are always appreciated by the escort and agency.

Scrub Down

Just like how clients shower before meeting an escort, it is useful to shower afterwards. A reputable Amsterdam escort agency regularly screens escort girls for diseases and infections, but it is always a good idea to clean oneself after. Sometimes escorts will let clients shower in the area they had sex in, such as a hotel bathroom. However, clients should not always expect the companion to offer this, such as if the customer is in the escorts own home. On a side note, showering after sex helps prevent irritations and urinary tract infections.

Individuals hoping to order a sexual service with an escort in an area they are visiting, should consider an escort instead of a tour guide. Local Amsterdam escorts know their area well, so would customers need to ask themselves if they would rather have a middle-aged man giving the tour or a sexy woman who will treat them to a wonderful time. Guaranteed walking around with a sexy woman on your arm is an easy reason why to choose such companion as a tour guide. Call Escorts make great travel companions because they are eager to have a good time. Customers do not have to worry about an escort showing up dressed inappropriately or confused about where they need to go or how to act. Professional, elite escorts are like chameleons– they can change into any role. That is why, customers should look at such women as not only sexual partners but travel companions, too.

Such women may also be down to showing up work functions or family events. Those who wish to book this kind of service must explicitly tell the escort what they need to wear, the occasion, how they should act, and give a run-down of the event they will be joining. Most professional prostitutes will even do their own research to ensure they are behaving appropriately and are not left in the dark about anything. If the girl knows the company the client works for, she may go on the company’s website and research important information.